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Tenant Screening

Your Property. Your Tenant. Our Priority.

Why Tenant Screening?

Before signing a lease without conducting a screening on your tenant, consider these factors:


of landlords believe that a steady income is more important than credit history.


of tenants are cost burdened, meaning they pay over 50% of their income in rent.
This increases the likelihood of late payments.


of landlords said they will not overlook relevant criminal history.


of landlords say no matter how much they like a tenant, they won't take them if their credit is bad.

Our Screening Services Can Make The Difference

The most efficient and cost-effective way to access a world-class background screening platform, at your fingertips.

We use the latest technologies that help landlords and property managers make better, more informed decisions about the people they choose to do business with.

We want to know more about how we can help you grow your business.

Step 1

Request A Tenant Screening:
Send your potential tenant an invite for a background check via text or email.

Step 2

Get Tenant Approval For Rental Screening:
Your Tenant receives a rental screening invite & completes their application.

Step 3

Receive Tenant Screening Report:
We'll verify and send the tenant's screening report directly to you.